The Benefits

Adding value to Alberta’s energy resources benefits all aspects of the province’s economy.

Petrochemical processing currently generates $2.06 billion a year toward the gross domestic product, $432 million annually in revenue to provincial and federal governments and 7,700 direct, stable and high-paying jobs.

In turn, this contributes to Alberta’s and Canada’s productivity, quality of life and community infrastructure and services such as roads, schools, hospitals, police and fire fighters and other public facilities and programs.

A report commissioned in 2013 – Economic Impacts of Adding Value to Alberta’s Hydrocarbon Resources - estimated the potential economic impacts of expanding value added processing. The report estimated that adding value to Alberta’s energy resources could increase the province’s gross domestic product (GDP) by $6 billion a year, create 18,000 new jobs that pay $1.8 billion a year in salaries and increase provincial revenue by $600 million a year.

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