Economic Growth

By increasing our energy processing capacity and the types of products made in our province, we can grow the economy in Alberta and across Canada.

Alberta is Canada’s largest petrochemical manufacturer and produced products valued at over $13.5 billion, of which $7.2 billion worth of petrochemicals and chemicals were exported in 2011.

The industry uses natural gas liquids, mainly ethane, to produce ethylene. In turn, ethylene is used to make polyethylene, which is widely used in textiles, food packaging, consumer electronics and medical equipment.

Petrochemical manufacturing contributes to the economy in a number of ways, generating:

Employment: 7,700 direct and stable jobs, with refinery workers an average of more than $60,000 a year

Investment: over $10 billion between 1974 and 2011; the Alberta Industrial Heartland Association estimates an additional $20 billion in investment has been committed or is in the planning stage

GDP: $2.06 billion in 2011

Taxes: $432 million in 2011 to Alberta and federal governments

(Source: Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education, Statistics Canada)