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Introduction to Economic Impact Study Backgrounder

To provide a better understanding of the economic impacts of adding value to our natural resources, the members of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) commissioned University of Calgary Economist, Ron Schlenker of Schlenker Consulting Ltd. to undertake an analysis of the economic impacts of potential petrochemical and hydrocarbon processing investments in Alberta. The intent of the analysis is to provide a high level assessment of the general magnitude of the economic impacts to increase the understanding of the impacts that would be felt by the province as a whole.

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Economic Impacts of Adding Value to Alberta’s Hydrocarbon Resources Report

Schlenker Consulting Ltd. (SCL) was commissioned by the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) to estimate the potential economic impacts of expanding value added processing of provincial energy resources such as natural gas liquids (NGLs), raw natural gas and bitumen. Projected expansions in the petrochemical, fertilizer and refining industries are outlined and the net economic impacts of upgrading various products in terms of contributions to Gross Domestic Product (or GDP/output/value added), labour income, employment and provincial government revenues are estimated.

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