Heartland Association Congratulates Premier Elect Jim Prentice

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland (September 6, 2014) – Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association congratulates Premier Elect Jim Prentice after winning Alberta’s Progressive Conservative leadership race.

“We applaud Mr. Prentice’s dedication to Alberta and the important issues facing our province including natural resources, the economy, and the environment,” says Wayne Woldanski, Chair of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association and Reeve of Lamont County. “He shares our goal of advancing these priorities for the benefit of all Albertans.”

The Association eagerly anticipates working with Mr. Prentice and his team to enhance Alberta’s position as a sustainable energy producer and value-added energy processor. This includes supporting previous provincial government policies and programs, such as the Bitumen Royalty in Kind Program, in addition to environmental related projects that help to improve the province’s environmental performance. Currently, several planned and existing projects in the Heartland are projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 16.2 million tonnes annually.

The Association also believes that future initiatives, such as a natural gas processing policy, is key to long term prosperity and economic stability. A natural gas processing policy would help diversify Alberta’s economy and reduce the impact from cyclical swings in commodity prices in addition to creating new sources of non-royalty based revenues for the provincial government.

“Alberta has been granted significant growth potential from the increasing supply of oil sands bitumen and expanding supplies of natural gas and natural gas liquids from shale gas development in western Canada,” explains Chair Woldanski. “There is no better time to turn this potential opportunity into reality.”

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Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association is a cooperative effort of the Counties of Lamont, Strathcona, Sturgeon, and the Cities of Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan. The Association is dedicated to coordinating, advocating, and promoting long-term sustainable development of the Heartland.


Media Contacts:
Wayne Woldanski, Chair
Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

Neil Shelly, Executive Director
Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

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