The Vision

To make Alberta the world’s leading petrochemical producer.

The Goal

To double Alberta’s petrochemical production in 10 years.

Our vision and goal are driven by:

  • Alberta’s abundant and competitively priced energy resources
  • Our province’s stable political environment
  • An established and thriving petrochemical sector
  • The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Albertans.

The Driver

Chemical production in Alberta began in the 1950s…

and was transformed in the 1970s by Premier Peter Lougheed, who put in place government policies to support a more robust petrochemical industry. By 2001, Alberta was home to the world’s largest ethane-based ethylene factory in Joffre, east of Red Deer.

More than $10 billion of capital has been invested in Alberta’s petrochemical industry since the 1970s, substantially increasing production of ethylene, polyethylene, ethylene glycol and linear olefins. Ethylene capacity alone nearly doubled following expansions at Joffre and Fort Saskatchewan in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

As well as a stable political environment, Alberta’s petrochemical industry is built on the long-term, secure supply of competitively priced natural gas feedstock and the ability to supply global markets with competitively priced products.
 Alberta and northwestern B.C. are rich in gas deposits, plus additional feedstocks are coming on line: the Vantage Pipeline will deliver 40,000 barrels per day of ethane from North Dakota to Alberta.

Combined with advances in propylene derivatives and the lowest natural gas and propane on record, market conditions are ideal for the long-term growth of Alberta’s petrochemical industry.

Economic Impact of Petrochemical Manufacturing System by Province

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Source: IHS and CERA